About US

We are three Conservative Hispanic women born American from California. Check out our first blog. It’ll give you an idea who we are and our beliefs. We are professionals and students. Our wish is to disseminate information about the Hispanic community. Latinos are rather multi-cultural, and we come in all kinds of colors and ethnic background–And not every Latino speaks Spanish but most do. Spanish is a European Spaniard language. We all have different accents, such as people from England and Australian. Yes, some accents are more beautiful than others, and others are harsher or softer in sound. We also like different types of music, not just Mariachi. One group of people or any Latin American country do not represent all of us. So, no, we’re not all Mexicans. We’re not all liberals. Fun fact: soccer is not a Mexican sport. It’s European. There are many biases and incorrect information about Latinos. We’d like to tell you how Latinos are great people and how we get along with each other. But we would also like to show you the part that’s not all that great. Plus, we call ourselves “reactineers,” so expect our reactions on our current society’s political issues or the like. We believe in “let’s agree to disagree” and holding civil and logical conversations. So let’s chat! And as Ben Shapiro puts it, “facts don’t care about your feelings.” Even though we didn’t vote for President Trump, we are rooting for him to do his best since we’re all in the same boat. If he drowns, we all drown. Let’s praise him for the positive things. And of course, if he makes a mistake, let’s point it out too. But we have to come together above all.

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